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                        Product Showcase


                        • To be a trusted solution provider for forensic consultancy, research, analysis, training and education.
                        • To achieve excellence in providing quality service in India.

                        • Aspire to produce future leaders in the field of Forensic Science.
                        • For enhancing the value of forensic investigation in India.
                        • Imparting Knowledge as Knowledge leads to action.
                        • To be an inspiration for the new generation.
                        • To stand as a trusted foolproof technique on which common people can rely on.
                        • To support the administration of justice.
                        Scope of Our Forensic Services

                        With the help of our lawyers, engineers, computer forensic specialists and other experts, we are providing Forensic Consultancy Services to evaluate, analyze and resolve potential issues. Our solutions help in crime scene investigation, DNA profiling, fingerprints analysis, to solve arson related cases and for toxicological analysis.

                          Broad Outline

                          Our courses are designed by consulting with leading academics and experienced professionals in the field of forensic science and their valuable inputs and suggestions have been duly incorporated into the core syllabi. The focus is not only on providing a superficial knowledge of the field, but to provide an in-depth understanding of the whole subject and promoting their sound practical implementation in tackling cases. The forensic science course incorporates the conventional methods of forensic methods with advanced scientific procedures such as fingerprinting, chemical analysis and anthropological study. The main objective of the course is proper introduction and adoption of forensic investigation procedures namely:

                          • Techniques: The full host of technical supplies and observational supplements the existing technology offers and making sound use of the latter.
                          • Practices: Comprehensive study and in-depth analysis of investigation patterns and drills used in the modern era as well the approach one has to inculcate to master the art.
                          • Procedures: Making learners aware of the procedures that are an integral component of any standard forensic research and case probe.
                          • Principles: Imparting knowledge about the basic principles of forensic science and how to deduce inferences from traces found at crime scenes
                          • Case Studies: Supplementing the textbook knowledge with real world case studies to solidify the base and provide a direct insight into the proceeding.

                          Our Training Program

                          The training program we offer is aimed at budding professionals and seeks to provide in-depth knowledge of the field, with an added focus on their practical realization and implementation. Mentioned below is a list of the broad areas covered:

                          • Investigation mechanics for introducing learners to the variations in pattern of crime scenes, through practical activities, teaching management of crime scene parameters, traces,evidences, their analysis, safekeeping and essence of securing the perimeter.
                          • Providing knowledge of fingerprinting and all the details associated with the types and classification that provide acquaintance with terms and procedures like roll flat/roll method, powder and chemical induced latent fingerprint development methods as well as writing detailed reports about the same. Moreover, techniques such as lifting skid marks, shoe prints and lip prints are also included in the training curricula to provide an all round knowledge of all possible clues that can prove to be helpful in the process.
                          • Document Examination, Verification and Forgery are one of the most lessons that go a long way in examining detection suspicious elements in the investigation, which includes signature and handwriting analysis, examination of counterfeit currency, etc.
                          • Assessment of cyber threats, their legal aspects, loop-holes, vulnerability, the harm they pose to the privacy of the masses and the magnitude of problems they can inflict on a large level.
                          • Studying the anthropological aspects of forensic science, introduction, examination and analysis of such resources of information such as skeletal remains of human and animals as well as differentiating them.
                          • Understanding the importance of medical studies in forensic science such as autopsy reports of trauma, injury in carrying the investigation forward, the legal aspects and how to proceedings move forward from there.

                          How Do We Disperse Knowledge?

                          At HR Institute of Forensic Science Research & Training, we have taken a highly advance and engrossing approach of imparting knowledge, which is an amalgam of the conventional teaching methods, infused with a healthy dose of technology. We believe that limiting the learning procedure to books without their practical implementation is a hollow approach, and to breathe fresh air in the methodology, we make ample use of the following means

                          • Forums, Panels and Lectures by deemed personalities in the field
                          • Annual Conferences on the subject
                          • Networking Opportunities for a widening the horizon
                          • Public Awareness programs and interaction sessions
                          • Periodic workshops and seminars on the latest developments and techniques